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Behaviour 2012 trailer

Rosie Davies (@RosieArches)

Soundtracked by the magnifique M83 who played at the Arches earlier this year, this is an introduction to this year’s Behaviour festival – a wonderful celebration of live performance, both local and international, in all its diverse forms, taking place at the Arches and beyond.

This blog was created from a desire to document not just the work which happens as part of the festival, but the artists’ responses to the festival as it’s happening: through images, video, text, a note scrawled on a napkin or a transcript of something overheard at the bar, we want to capture the artists’ journey from start to finish, taking in their own work and that of the others.

Seven local artists are on board. They are: Stef Smith, Gary Gardiner, Nic Green, Kieran Hurley, Robert Softley, Louise Brodie and Catriona Duffy.

Over to them.