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The power of ‘I made this’

by Robert Softley (writer/performer – ‘If These Spasms Could Speak’)

Well, the show opens tomorrow night and after weeks of the usual highs and lows, I’m actually looking forward to seeing what people make of this. It has been a new experience for me to be in the driving seat from start to finish – previously I’ve had concepts (as with the show about three disabled drag queens called ‘Heelz n Wheelz’ or the National Theatre of Scotland’s ‘Girl X’) but then handed over the reigns to another writer and/or director. In those processes, my original idea and what actually ended up on stage were substantially different. This might not have been a bad thing, but it was a tiny bit frustrating to have a vision but never see that show being realised.

This show, Spasms, feels like it’s mine – some folk will like it, some will not, but I can say it’s the piece that I wanted to create. To be enabled to say exactly what I want is a massive privilege – I hope I’ve used it well.

From next week I really hope to see other parts of the Behaviour festival but for now, here’s another photo  – see you on the other side!

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Slap bang

by Robert Softley (writer/performer – ‘If These Spasms Could Speak’)

Hello world

I am slap bang in the middle of rehearsals at the moment so I’m hoping this image from the piece will say more than my nonsense ramblings could.

I’m feeling the pressure – <gulp> – and just hope that whatever comes out is at least similar to the original concept. I also hope that it earns it’s place in this fantastic festival.

More soon. Perhaps.


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