Photos from Amanda Monfrooe’s Poke

Niall Walker’s photos of Amanda Monfrooe’s Poke – a bold, experimental piece which uses as its standpoint the allegorical premise of the last two women on a pillaged earth, both representing one representation of female sexuality, arguing over how to raise a baby daughter.

The most controversial of the Behaviour shows so far, it divided critics during its Glasgow run, and sparked debate amongst the audience, getting people talking not only about stark issues – rape, the penis and what it stands for, women’s attitudes to other women, and the dichotomy of female sexuality – but also, perhaps more interestingly, about how to present them through performance art.

Read the reviews here, or let us know what you thought in the comments box below or on the Behaviour Facebook page.

If you missed out, you can still have your say: it’s currently running at the Traverse as part of a double bill with Peter McMaster’s Wuthering Heights. Catch it from Wed 1st – Fri 3rd May.





All images courtesy of Niall Walker.


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