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What a fortnight.

So the The Silence of Bees has opened and closed. What a wonderfully complex learning experience that was. It was my first time writing and directing a piece – I don’t know how folk do that time and time again and keep their marbles. To be frank I found it tricky, I missed having a second head to bounce things off. I was lucky to have a very generous cast and the support of some wonderful mentors/friends. The audiences were just wonderful and I got some useful/lovely feedback. Behaviour is about taking risks, some which pay off, some which don’t – and that’s okay. As long as you keep learning it can’t be a bad thing right? It was a great journey to go on, I’m very proud of everyone involved and most importantly I hope we helped raise awareness of the bees along the way.

Last night I saw the two shows which won Platform 18. Alas I am currently choked with the cold so I’m annoyed that my focus wasn’t as sharp as it should have been. I don’t want to speak about them too much as I don’t want to spoil them. Both shows took risks in entirely different ways. Both made enthralling stylistic choices and dealt with intriguing subject matter. I thought it was interesting that the jumping off point for both shows were events from over 10years ago – I had a sudden wave of feeling old. Beats made me want to be 18 again getting the 26 bus in Edinburgh filled with ideas, music and substances I probably shouldn’t have been. It also made me want to dance; it was joyous in that sense.

ANYWAY I won’t say anything more, both are best seen through your own eyes not through the wittery haze of my musings. Kudos to everyone involved in both shows!

I won’t be blogging again as I’m working out of the UK for the next fortnight or so. I’m really sorry to be missing the final few pieces.

But I am saddled with new lessons, thoughts and ideas.
Face this onwards now.

Onwards we all go.


It’s never too late, never too late to try
Cause if we all had to change, we all just would
And we would move closer and that would be good
And we would buy local and we would buy less
And we’d realise that wasn’t our happiness
No it wasn’t our happiness.

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12 Hours to go.

By Stef Smith (writer and director of The Silence of Bees)

12 Hours to go.

Packing some essentials for day one. I’m nervous, excited, tired and wired. Above all I (think) am ready. These characters having been occupying my head for literally years. Time to give them heartbeats and voices.

The plan for day one? In a word: discussion. We will naturally read the script but above all the four of us will be sharing thoughts, feelings, impulses and air. To my knowledge the performers haven’t worked together and apart from sporadic development days (on different projects) I haven’t worked with them. For me rehearsals have to be a safe place, of care, of thoughtfulness, of heart. The danger of our rehearsals comes not from acrobatics or fire or nudity but from people exposing their emotions, their stories, themselves. I include myself in this. It can be funny what can expose you. Sometimes when you least expect it you are rendered the most vulnerable.

I can’t wait. I’m just (rather selfishly) hoping it’s not a gloriously beautiful day as we work in the belly of the Arches.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday.


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