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by Gary Gardiner (performance artist, Thatcher’s Children)

Well hello there

So Thatcher discussion are all the rage just now. In fact it seems that every time I open my computer up there is a new Guardian article or Facebook discussion about her: taxpayers funding her planned state funeral, Iron Lady reviews, dementia, alcoholism (yeah I was surprised by the latter too). It seems that Thatcher is in the ether and hopefully some of that can be captured in Thatcher’s Children.

When I think back to my original proposal for Thatcher’s Children, it’s interesting how my inquiry has deepened and widened as a result of actually exploring the ideas practically in the space with my collaborators: Tom Hobbins, Kirsty Byers, Lucy Gaizely and Rob Jones. The concepts that I thought were complex have morphed and shifted, and those that at first seemed simple have grown legs and now seem indivisible from every other aspect of Thatchers reign.

However, now the exciting part begins. Our next 2 development weeks will see us trying to collate these various dynamic themes and inquiries into a coherent whole: a performance that attempts to communicate something massive but tangible. I stress the word attempt.

Very excited to get stuck into the next phase!


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