Central to this year’s BEHAVIOUR festival is the Auteurs Project, a collaboration between the Arches and National Theatre of Scotland.

The Auteurs Project began three years ago as a conversation between the two organisations about the shifting ways that artists were making live work in Scotland. We recognised a move away from a pattern of graduate artists coming together to form companies with clearly delineated roles – director, performer, designer, writer, producer, educator – towards an emergence of artists who had exceptional ability in an overlapping collection of these areas. There was an incredible sense of energy, determination and potential from these artists. These creative authors were leaving their mark.

Thanks to support from the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, together the Arches and National Theatre of Scotland have been able to design a programme of artistic development tailored to the individual needs of our five selected artists: Claire Cunningham, Rob Drummond, Nic Green, Kieran Hurley and Gary McNair.

For two years they have undertaken a bespoke set of activities including international research residencies, writing and thinking retreats, performance training, creative exchanges with other practitioners, placements and mentorships. The work now presented by each artist as part of the BEHAVIOUR festival represents a moment in their ongoing journey; a culmination of the programme so far, and an opportunity to share what has been developed.

Full Auteurs Project listings

3rd, 4th & 6th April       Gary McNair: Donald Robertson Is Not A Stand Up Comedian (The Arches)
17th-19th April               Kieran Hurley: RANTIN (Cottiers Theatre)
25th-27th April              Claire Cunningham: Pink Mist  (The Arches)
30th April-2nd May      Nic Green: Shadowlands (The Arches)
10th – 11th May              Rob Drummond: The Riot Of Spring (Tramway)

Click on the images below for more information about each of the Auteurs.

Claire Cunningham

Claire Cunnningham by Rosemary Cunningham


Gary McNair by Rosemary Cunningham

Gary McNair

Kieran Hurley

Kieran Hurley by Rosemary Cunningham


Nic Green by Rosemary Cunningham

Nic Green

Rob Drummond

Rob Drummond by Rosemary Cunningham








Illustrations by Rosemary Cunningham @illustrationetc

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