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Photos from Kieran Hurley’s Rantin

With Kieran Hurley’s Rantin now over and the celebratory drinks consumed, it’s interesting to look at photographer Eoin Carey‘s original shots of the piece and let elements of the characters float back through your mind. Because the show presents a kind of tableau of living, ‘real-time’ characters – for example, we’re reminded that Miriam, a Palestinian wondering what she’s doing in such a cold, wet place as Glasgow, is on the no.44 trundling past Cottiers as we speak – it’s interesting to think of what they’d be doing now. Or, if we’re thinking in actual terms, how each character developed over the course of the run.

The reviews from The Herald, The Scotsman and Across the Arts are in: go to the Arches website to read all three. We’d love to know what you thought of the show – let us know in the comments box below.

Julia Taudevin in Kieran Hurley's Rantin.

Julia Taudevin as the smart, angry Port Glasgow teen in Kieran Hurley’s Rantin.

Julia, Gav, Drew and Kieran in the cosy Rantin living room.

Julia, Gav, Drew and Kieran in the cosy Rantin living room.

Kieran as the disillusioned drunk in Rantin.

Kieran as the disillusioned drunk in Rantin.

Kieran Hurley: Rantin (Image: Eoin Carey).

…and again, setting the world to rights.

Kieran Hurley's Rantin (Image: Eoin Carey)

Gav Prentice using a speaker as an impromptu drum

For more on Eoin Carey go to www.eoincareyphoto.com

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A small breakthrough

by Kieran Hurley


It’s an odd thing, when you do a work-in-progress showing, and it basically goes quite well.

Back in September last year, before we had any idea we’d be getting the Platform 18 opportunity, Johnny and I did a little sharing of some early ideas for Beats as part of Arches Live.  We’d only been working on it for maybe two weeks, but it went well, the audiences were very responsive. We got useful feedback.  We got positive comments.  We left with a lot to think about, and the affirmation to move forward.  Then I had to leave the project alone for months to go and work on other stuff.

Coming back to it has been tricky at first, because it is both massively incomplete and weirdly fixed in my mind.  I must admit I had initially been struggling through a bit of a creative fog, a sort of writer’s block type thing, trying to look at this project and find my way back into it.  But, I’ve reassured myself that it’s totally normal at some stage in the process. Right? Yeah.

The good news is, through pushing through, I’m definitely getting back on it.  As well as moving things forward technically with Mr Whoop, I’ve been writing like crazy for a couple of days now.  It feels a little bit like this thing is growing a bit bigger than itself even, and the task, pretty soon, might be in pulling it back in, and doing some trimming.  I didn’t expect, when I started making this piece about the rave scene in the nineties, to be researching the history and demise of the Lanarkshire steel industry, or searching Youtube for old Slim Fast adverts. But there you go.  It’s been good to let myself go on a meandering wee adventure down these little paths.  There comes a point where you have to bring back what you’ve found onto the main track though, and see what’s actually useful.  That point will come, soon, and I’m pretty sure the creative fog will be back too, but for now things are moving on apace. So that’s good.


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