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I whip my (fairy)tails back and forth

Hello All. Lou Brodie here. This is my first contribution to the blog. Apologies for the tardiness. I have a slightly different role to the other bloggers as I am involved in Behaviour 2012 though Haircuts by Children. It’s my role to support the Arches and the guys from Mammalian Diving Reflex to find the local school and salon and all the other little things that go hand in hand with a participation project like this. It’s fair to say I’m pretty freaking excited about being involved. Not to mention seeing all of the work that those of you blogging are making.

So far I’ve watched Robert Softley offer some mediations on his and others bodies, an orchestra of sewing machines, Chris Thorpe chatting about autobiographical performance and looked on whilst friends and strangers became Gobsquad. All of which have left me pondering the questions raised or the technologies used. I think I have been in a very cerebral place with my engagement so far in Behaviour. I wondered if anyone else had experienced this?

Tonight though I encountered the always wild Ann Liv Young. I am still very much in a thinking place and have been left will thoughts of questions about the deconstruction of fairytales however I also had a strong emotional reaction towards of the end of the work. I love that Ann Liv absolutely embraces the persona and rules that she creates for herself. Whether you are disgusted by what she is doing or find her exhilarating she’s throws everything at what she is doing. My reaction was more so towards a particular audience member who had been making comments the whole way through the performance to his friend that were sexist and subtly misogynous. He was the first up in the “Get your photo taken” and chose to straddle her for his photo. I was instantly disgusted with the man but also fully aware that Ann Liv was in control. I’m still feeling sick from him now and although it wasn’t my favourite Ann Liv show I have seen so far it’s clever deconstruction and in many ways manipulation of it’s audience has not only engaged my brain but tapped into a visceral part of me.

So my question to anyone who would like to comment is this – have you had a visceral reaction to any of the work you have seen so far and what has it left you pondering?


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Seeing and responding to work

Written by Nic Green (performance maker, Fatherland/Motherland)

Sadly I am away in London working on Fatherland from the 18th until the end of March, so I am going to miss much of Behavior, which I am sad about! I am back for Ann Liv’s work, but then have quite a few evening rehearsals with the singing women of Motherland, so I will just have to see as much as I possibly can on my evenings off!

Despite my sporadic attendance, I still feel like it would be good to respond to the festival in someway, even if from afar.

These are some ways which I thought I could do this:

-Based on my imaginings of works inspired by the the copy/image of each piece I miss, make a drawing or performance video and post it on this blog.

-Create a way in which others can describe or reperform the pieces to me and response to these

-Give friends who can attend a throw away camera and ask them to subtly take one photograph during each performance I am absent from. Then I can do a sort of analysis on each one. It has been a long time since I officially did an ‘Image analysis.’

-Write a letter to each artist performing, whose work I will miss, asking them to draw and post their performance back to me and respond to these.

-Have a phone performance with each person whose work I miss (like phone sex, but performance. On the phone.) and record/respond to this.

-A mixture of all of the above depending on possibility/time/other artist etc..

I suppose time and energy will determine what will become of these ideas.

In terms of my own prep for Behavior, I tried to post a little video of Sarah Hopfinger, Daniel Padden and myself playing about last week within the context of Motherland, however I am too much of a techno philistine to make this appear here so I will have to ask Rosie at the Arches to help me! If a strange little video appears, that’s what it is anyway.

bestest from the blogosphere and also in real life,

nic x

UPDATE: That strange little video… RosieArches x

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