…And the Clyde Built Glasgow

By Catriona Duffy from Panel

As a part of my Behaviour (not as a participating artist but as an audience member) I have been interested in collecting experiences of the festival and marrying them with particular histories that have shaped the city within which we act.

Encounters so far make connections to the enormous role of industry within Glasgow’s social, political and business economy and, then, the city’s difficult transformation and re-imagination into something new after our industries fell away.

Which keeps in my mind a subjective documentary (discovered in the Scottish Screen Archive catalogue) directed by Sean Connery ‘The Bowler and The Bunnet’ – a film that describes class warfare between management and workers of Fairfield’s shipyard on the Clyde during the mid 1960s.

And particularly to a sequence that symbolises a loss of identity for the city – Connery riding, on his bicycle, around the empty Harland & Wolff plating shed in Govan. In the background the psychotically imperial music of Land of Hope and Glory…

The film is held in the Scottish Screen Archive and the link below takes you to a page where you can view the clip!




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